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Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium is additional funding received by the academy to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and accelerate their progress, enabling them to match their non-disadvantaged peers’ attainment. The academy receives funding for disadvantaged students who currently receive free school meals this academic year as well as those who have received free school meals in the last six years. The Pupil Premium fund also provides opportunities for children who have been looked after continuously for more than six months.

The main barriers that disadvantaged students at Walthamstow Academy face are outlined below:

  • English as an Additional Language
  • Special Educational Needs
  • Low levels of stability and a large number of students joining the school part way through the academic year or key stage
  • Lack of cultural capital
  • Lack of Higher Education amongst parents
  • Low levels of literacy and low reading ages

Total funding allocation for 2016-17 and how it is being targeted:

Funding for 2016/17 is £430,000.

Funding will be committed in the following ways:

  • Academic Tutoring outside of the curriculum.
  • Academic Intervention classes outside of the curriculum.
  • Resources and Equipment funding including ICT.
  • Pastoral Intervention – Raising Pupils attitudes to self and school. Raising aspirations / esteem.
  • Additional non-academic tutoring, clubs and lessons. Eg. Sports / Music lessons.
  • Funding of Trips / Visits during term time.
  • Additional Pupil Premium teachers for Maths.
  • Tuition – External Tutors used for 1:1 and group Tuition on Saturdays and after school. KS3, 4 and 5. English, Maths and Science and other non-core subjects.
  • Extended Hours revisions / coursework sessions – Teachers run a revision and coursework programme during weekends and holidays.
  • Student Support – Departments request funding for Ever6 students for support where parental costs could be incurred. Examples include Music Lessons and Equipment, Food Technology ingredients, Art and DT equipment packs, Reading Books, Transport Support, English and Maths resources and Drama / Music events.

For additional information on Pupil Premium spend for previous periods, please contact Greg Hodgson, Vice Principal, Director of Business & Administration

The attainment and progress of our Pupil Premium students has consistently been greater than Pupil Premium students nationally. Below are some key statistics for Pupil Premium students which show how well they achieve at the academy:

2016 GCSE Results Measure

Pupil Premium students at Walthamstow Academy (2015-16)

Pupil Premium students nationally (2014-15)

5A*-C GCSE's including English & Maths

66% (Overall student average 67%)

36% (Overall student average 56%)

Capped points score for best 8 GCSE subjects (Grade A = 52 points, B = 46 points, C = 40 points)

317.5 (Overall student average 324.5)

259.9 (Overall student average 308.6)

Value added score (how much progress students have made from the beginning to the end of their secondary education)

1014.3 (Overall student average 1020.2)

975.9 (Overall student average 1000.0)

English - students making at least expected progress

78% (Overall student average 84%)

57% (Overall student average 69%)

Maths - students making at least expected progress

63% (Overall student average 70%)

49% (Overall student average 66%)


As evidenced by the 2016 GCSE results measures above, Pupil Premium students at the academy significantly outperformed Pupil Premium students nationally in relation to the 2014-15 figures. In addition Pupil Premium data at the academy compares favorably to the overall national student averages which take into account both Pupil Premium and Non-Pupil premium students. Both the English and Math’s departments are ensuring excellent provision for our Pupil Premium students with significantly more pupil premium students making at least expected progress compared to national figures.

We are continuing nearly all of the strategies in 2016-17 due to the impact that we have demonstrated above through our results and below through our impact analysis. The expected impact of the strategies we are repeating in 2016-17 is expected to be the same or better as in 2015-16 as we seek to constantly improve the way we accelerate learning and progress at Walthamstow Academy so that all students, disadvantaged or not, can achieve the most progress possible.

Evaluation of impact of Pupil Premium funding - 2015-16

Funding for 2015-16 as a direct grant from the department for education was £463,000. This was separated from the main budget due to the legislation on tracking and reporting of this spend.

Pupil Premium funding was allocated in the following ways during 2015-16 and the impact of key aspects of funding outlined below:

Spending 2015-16


Targeted intervention was provided to underachieving Year 11 Pupil Premium students via tutor support after school, on Saturdays and during school holidays.


Cost: £100,000

Following the Year 11 GCSE results the % 5A*-C gap between Pupil Premium and Non-Pupil Premium students decreased from 21% in 2014-15 to 4% this academic year. In addition the 4% gap was a significant reduction from a 17% gap following the Year 11 pre-public examinations in half-term 3 of this year. 4% also compared very favourably to an average gap nationally of 27%.

Maths and English lunch-time targeted intervention was provided for underachieving Year 11 Pupil Premium students in maths and English. Students were allocated to members of the maths and English department and supported using small group targeted intervention.




Cost: £9,000

42% of Year 11 Pupil Premium students who attended lunch-time intervention achieved the expected level of progress in their GCSE maths results. This was an increase of 32% compared to the amount of students achieving expected level of progress assessed before allocation of maths intervention.

50% of students who attended lunch-time intervention in English achieved the expected level of progress in their GCSE English results. This was an increase of 42% compared to the amount of students achieving expected level of progress before intervention commenced.

The academy provided underachieving Year 11 Pupil Premium students with examination preparation sessions in several subjects the night before each of their GCSE examinations. Following small group targeted intervention delivered by specialist members of each department students were provided with an evening meal before the end of each session.

Cost: £7,000

Of the eight GCSE subjects that provided examination preparation the night before the student’s examinations, Pupil Premium students in five subjects achieved the same or greater %A*-C than the Non-Pupil Premium students. This was compared to one subject achieving the same or greater %A*-C at the start of half-term 4 and before examination preparation commenced.

The academy funded a literacy intervention co-ordinator using Pupil Premium funding. Pupil Premium students in all year groups underachieving in literacy received small group targeted literacy intervention ensuring literacy barriers were removed.

Cost: £30,000

There were significant gains for these students in literacy with the majority of students making expected levels of progress from half-term 4 to half-term 6.

Year 11 Pupil Premium students identified as having low literacy skills were provided with extensive sound training to improve their reading ages, literacy skills and extended writing ability.


Cost: £2,500

90% of the students who took part in the training improved their reading ages and 35% of students improved their reading ages by two or more years. This had a significant impact on the student’s ability to access the curriculum and enabled 75% of them to achieve expected levels of progress in their GCSE English results.

The academy organised day long inspirational life-changing programmes for the Pupil Premium students in years 9, 10 and 11 delivered by the company humanutopia. The programmes focused on personal, social and enterprise development and addressing student social barriers to learning.

Cost: £6,000

The programme impacted on students by increasing motivation and raising aspiration. Student feedback from the programme reported a significant number of students who wanted to improve their grades as a direct result and helped them realise they needed to make the most of the their education.


Twenty two high ability Pupil Premium students in Year 9 were selected to take part in the six week scholars programme organised by the Brilliant Club. In the scholars programme, PhD tutors deliver programmes of university-style tutorials to our students which develop the knowledge, skills and ambition that help those students secure places at highly selective universities.

Cost: £3,500

As part of the programme students visited Cambridge University, firstly at the beginning of the programme and then at the end to experience a university style graduation. The brilliant club evaluation consisted of a survey taken by students at the beginning and end of the programme and reported a 94% increase in student awareness of the further educational opportunities that are available to them.

Twelve Pupil Premium students in Year 10 were selected to take part in a ten week motivational coaching programme. Students were supported and motivated by Yes Futures career coaches to make ambitious choices and realise their potential both in and out of the classroom. Each student took part in several coaching sessions and additional activities which included visiting and networking in two contrasting workplaces.


Cost: £10,500

This impacted on student’s motivation and enabled students to achieve new successes in a range of unfamiliar environments. Their motivation to achieve was boosted by the opportunities to practise their developing skills in the real world. Student feedback of the programme elicited high levels of satisfaction and motivation. As a result student’s attitudes to learning have improved significantly in the classroom.

To support sixty Pupil Premium students in alleviating stress and anxiety in the run up to examinations the academy funded Maximise your Potential, a motivational study skills group, to deliver several study skills seminars and an examination drama performance.

Cost: £2,000

In the study skills evaluation 90% of student feedback thought the ideas covered were excellent with 98% of students rating the sessions highly worthwhile impacting on their ability to deal with examination stress.


This academic year the academy has provided a full range of enrichment and extra-curricular activities across all year groups and has used Pupil Premium funding to ensure all Pupil Premium students have had access to the opportunities on offer. This includes the significant number of educational and curriculum based trips that the academy runs each year.

Cost: £140,000

This has impacted on the vast majority of Pupil Premium students within the academy and has allowed these students to access the enrichment and extra-curricular activities on offer. As a result the annual student survey reported high levels of satisfaction with the Walthamstow Academy pledge.



Date of next Pupil Premium strategy review: September 2017

For further information please email info@walthamstow-academy.org




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